Imani Gaudin & Jakob Vitale

Imani Gaudin and Jakob Vitale are a New York City based performing arts duo, merging their distinct talents into a mesmerizing collaboration of movement and graffiti art. Both are proud graduates of Purchase College with BFAs in dance and visual arts. Gaudin’s years of dedication to mastering various styles of movement, coupled with an innate ability to turn movement structures into choreography, have earned her recognition in the dance community. Vitale, on the other hand, is a visionary visual artist renowned for his complex scenes, allegories, and narrations on urban environments of New York City and Los Angeles. Together, their synergy creates a unique sensory experience, where the movement of dance and graffiti harmonize, bringing to life narratives that transcend the boundaries of traditional art forms. Their collaborative performances captivate audiences, sparking conversations about the fusion of movement and visual art. With their innovative approach to artistic expression, Imani Gaudin and Jakob Vitale continue to push boundaries and inspire audiences with their dynamic collaborations.