2024 Spring Performances

  • MERCE / MISHA / MORE_A Film Event

    ​​Featuring Cunningham, Baryshnikov, Jacquelin Harris, Chalvar Monteiro and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company

    Film | World Premiere

    March 7, 8, 9 at 7 PM

    Jerome Robbins Theater
    $35 ($31 + $4 fee) | Running time: 60 minutes

    A program of films celebrating decades of friendship, mutual admiration, and the working relationship between Mikhail Baryshnikov and Merce Cunningham. The program includes newly filmed reminiscences with Mikhail Baryshnikov; rarely seen rehearsal footage from 1967 and 1994; the duet from Landrover featuring Jacquelin Harris & Chalvar Monteiro filmed at Baryshnikov Arts during the pandemic; and the world premiere of Daniel Madoff’s film of Event at REDCAT, performed in 2010 by Mikhail Baryshnikov with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. The evening ends with Merce Cunningham’s 1999 homage to disco in Charlie Atlas’ film Just Dancing and a surprise gift for all audience members.

    This program celebrates the 60th anniversary of Merce Cunningham’s first Event, and the 50th anniversary of Mikhail Baryshnikov’s arrival in the West.

    About Mikhail Baryshnikov

    Merce Cunningham (1919–2009) was a celebrated dancer and choreographer renowned for his groundbreaking work and his profound influence on generations of …

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    MERCE / MISHA / MORE_A Film Event
  • Baye & Asa

    4 | 2 | 3

    Dance | World Premiere Commissioned by Baryshnikov Arts

    March 28, 29, 30 at 7 PM

    Jerome Robbins Theater
    $39 ($35 + $4 fee) | Running time: 60 minutes

    What has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening?

    Using the Riddle of the Sphinx as an allegorical structure, Baye & Asa reflect on humanity’s industrial history and grapple with our collective search for blame. The piece is divided into three sections for three generations of performers.

    Baye & Asa is a company creating movement art projects directed & choreographed by Amadi ‘Baye’ Washington & Sam ‘Asa’ Pratt. They grew up together in New York City, and that shared educational history…

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    4 | 2 | 3
  • Shifting Ground

    with Alexi Kenney & Xuan

    Music | Visual art commissioned by Baryshnikov Arts

    April 25, 26, 27 at 7 PM

    Jerome Robbins Theater
    $39 ($35 + $4 fee) | Running time: 60 minutes

    Violinist Alexi Kenney and new media artist Xuan combine their creative forces in an immersive multidisciplinary program that joins solo violin works from the 18th to 21st centuries with boundary-pushing projection art. Music by J.S. Bach and Nicola Matteis flows seamlessly into works by new voices such as Rafiq Bhatia and Angélica Negrón, as Xuan conjures immersive, imaginative landscapes in response.

    Alexi Kenney is one of the most sought-after violinists of his generation, performing with some of the greatest orchestras of the world including those of Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Dallas, l’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and the Gulbenkian Orchestra. Xuan is a filmmaker and musician whose work traverses music and visuals and has been shown in galleries and festivals from Berlin and Zürich to Chicago and Hong Kong.

    Produced in collaboration with the Ojai Music Festival.


    RAFIQ BHATIA Descent (2021)

    J.S. BACH Allemande from Partita in D minor, BWV 1004 (1720)

    PAUL WIANCKO Allemande from X Suite for Solo Violin (2019)

    ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN The Violinist for violin and electronics, story by Ana Fabrega (2023)

    J.S. BACH Grave from Sonata in A minor, BWV 1003 (1720)

    NICOLA MATTEIS Alia Fantasia (c. 1700)

    KAIJA SAARIAHO Nocturne for solo violin (1994)

    SALINA FISHER Hikari for solo violin (2023)

    MARIO DAVIDOVSKY Synchronisms No. 9 for violin and tape (1988)

    MATTHEW BURTNER Elegy (Muir Glacier 1889–2009) for violin and glacier sonification (2017/2020)

    J.S. BACH Chaconne from Partita in D minor, BWV 1004 (1720)

    Violinist Alexi Kenney is forging a career that defies categorization, following his interests, intuition, and heart.

    Xuan is a new media artist, filmmaker, and pianist working at the intersection of music, visual art, and technology.

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    Shifting Ground
  • Jupiter’s Journey to the Earth

    by the little OPERA theatre of ny

    Opera | World Premiere

    May 10 at 7pm, May 11 at 2pm & 6pm, May 12 at 2pm

    Jerome Robbins Theater
    $39 ($35 + $4 fee). $19 ($15 + $4 fee) for children 12 and under. | Running time: 50 minutes

    For the child in all of us (ages 7+), Jupiter’s Journey to the Earth is a family-friendly chamber opera sung in English based upon the story of Philemon and Baucis from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. This new adaptation and production will mix puppeteers, opera singers, and instrumentalists in a show the entire family can enjoy. Franz Joseph Haydn’s opera Philemon und Baucis, oder Jupiters Reise auf die Erde was originally written for a marionette theater at the Royal Castle of Esterhazy in the 18th century. In the story, the gods look down upon the earth and observe mankind’s cruelty towards one another and the world in which they live. At first, the gods throw storms upon the earth as punishment for the humans’ bad behavior. But before destroying everything, the gods decide to search for any moral good remaining. Jupiter and Mercury descend upon the earth and discover a husband and wife whose kindness proves humanity is worth saving.

    The little OPERA theatre of ny (LOTNY) is a chamber opera company that was founded in 2004. The most recent production was the 2019 NY premiere of…

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    Jupiter’s Journey to the Earth