• Adam O’Farrill

    Adam O’Farrill

    Adam O’Farrill has been heralded as “among the leading trumpeters in jazz—and perhaps the music’s next major improviser.”

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  • Alicia Hall Moran

    Alicia Hall Moran

    Alicia Hall Moran is an operatic mezzo-soprano and conceptual vocal artist.

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  • Amir ElSaffar

    Amir ElSaffar

    Amir ElSaffar is an Iraqi-American trumpeter, santur player, vocalist, and composer, described in The New York Times as “the celebrated trumpeter and composer who explores vital connections between jazz and Arabic music.”

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  • Du Yun

    Du Yun

    Du Yun, born and raised in Shanghai, China, currently based in New York City, is a composer, performer, advocator, working at the intersection of orchestral, opera, theatre, chamber music, cabaret, oral tradition, public performances, sound installation, electronics and noise. 

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  • Jeffrey Zeigler

    Jeffrey Zeigler

    Jeffrey Zeigler has been described as “fiery,” and a player who performs “with unforced simplicity and beauty of tone” by The New York Times.

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  • Jen Shyu

    Jen Shyu

    Jen Shyu is a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, Guggenheim Fellow, USA Fellow, and Doris Duke Artist.

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  • Kaoru Watanabe

    Kaoru Watanabe

    Kaoru Watanabe’s work is grounded in traditional Japanese music while imbued with contemporary jazz, improvisation, and experimental music elements.

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  • Layale Chaker

    Layale Chaker

    Layale Chaker, composer and violinist, was raised speaking multiple languages in her native Lebanon, both linguistically and musically.

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  • Maeve Gilchrist

    Maeve Gilchrist

    Maeve Gilchrist, the Edinburgh-born harpist and composer, has been credited as an innovator on her native instrument and taken the Celtic (lever) harp to new levels of performance and visibility.

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  • Martha Redbone

    Martha Redbone

    Martha Redbone is a vocalist, songwriter, composer, and 2021 United States Artist fellow, whose music embodies the folk and mountain blues sounds

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  • Matthew Garrison

    Matthew Garrison

    Matthew Garrison, son of Jimmy Garrison (John Coltrane’s bassist), has collaborated with Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, John McLaughlin, the Saturday Night Live Band, and many others.

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  • Mino Cinélu

    Mino Cinélu

    Mino Cinélu considered by many as one of the greatest and most innovative percussionists worldwide, has worked with Sting, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Vicente Amigo, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny, Kate Bush, Branford Marsalis, Pino Daniele, and Salif Keita, among many others.

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  • Nasheet Waits

    Nasheet Waits

    Nasheet Waits, interest in playing the drums was encouraged by his father, legendary percussionist, Frederick Waits, who played with such legendary artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Sonny Rollins, Max Roach, McCoy Tyner, and countless others.

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  • Rajna Swaminathan

    Rajna Swaminathan

    Rajna Swaminathan is an acclaimed mrudangam artist, composer, and scholar and leads the ensemble RAJAS, which has been described as “unlike any other on the scene” (The New York Times).

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  • Susie Ibarra

    Susie Ibarra

    Susie Ibarra is a Filipinx composer, percussionist, and sound artist, working to support Indigenous and traditional music cultures

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